Auto unpublisher is a joomla and a k2 plugin that extends the functionality of both. With this plugin you can automatic set the unpublish day of all your Joomla Articles or your K2 items .You can choose in how many days you want to unpublish/move your K2 items /Articles and which one to exclude.









You have the options to use it on k2 or Joomla articles or both.

You have the option to exclude some items and articles

You have the option to unpublish or to move in other category

You have the option to selected form when to start counting (date modified, created, published)

There is only an option to remove all expiration dates of your site .


Note: The plugin will not delete articles or k2 items, it will just insert a date in expiration date field or will move items in another category

Working with Joomla 3 and K2 2.6.7

Example of usage : if you want all your k2 item expire after 30 days , if you want your joomla articles move to archive afteer some days , if you want some articles unpublish after some days.


Backend Configurations


Note: Be carefull this pluggin will interact with your database. The pluggin is tested and it is doing what it must do .

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